He was very supportive in Kalakalappu 2: Sunder c proud

Kalakalappu 2

Actor Jai's name made it to the headlines last week, for the complaint and allegation made against him, by Balloon's producer. The producer stated that Jai didn't turn up for the shoot, as per his call sheet, thereby incurring a huge loss to him.
However, director Sundar.C, during the press meet of Kalakalappu 2 told that Jai was very co-operative in this film's shoot. "If you ask about Jai, he was very supportive, and I didn't have any problems with him, while filming Kalakalappu 2. If the call sheet time is at 7 AM, he would come to the spot at 6.45 and be ready.

Jai had quite a lot of combination scenes with Jiiva, and we shot without any issues. For that case, not just Jai, even other actors too, co-operated well, which helped us to finish the shoot very fast. I didn't have to wait for anyone to come. Everyone would already be present at the spot, and there was no stopping at all."