AIADMK  member opposition for "panakaara thimiru" word in "Sodakku song"

Surya film's  "Sodakku song"

Surya film's  "Sodakku song" from the upcoming Suriya flick Thaanaa Serndha Koottam has become hugely popular thanks to its upbeat music and sensational lyrics.

A member of AIADMK had recently voiced out in opposition to a few lines from the song, and in an exclusive interview with Media, explained his notion.

"In the middle of the song, we can hear Suriya questioning what they have "kazhattified", to which he gets answered with a "nothing"... He goes on to say that the reason for the sorry situation is not them and that it is because of the place, its "dirt", and people like them (pointing to a group of men wearing whites).

The song also has lines which say that such men should be chased and bashed up, and talk about "panakaara thimiru", etc.

These lines are disparaging politicians and will dissuade youngsters from joining politics in the future due to a false image created about the scenario.

As a counter-argument, he also raised a question: "Do we talk about how the music director of this film is caught in issues? Aren't there videos and photos to substantiate our claims?"