GroPro Hero 6 Black review

GroPro Hero 6 Black review

While GoPro still hasn't attained a generic brand name status like a Walkman or Xerox did, it still is the first name that pops up in your head when talking about action cameras.

And that's for a good reason as the company is a name to reckon with when it comes to manufacturing some of the best action cameras out there.

Gone are the days when people lugged around DSLR cameras to get "adventurous shots" as action cameras have seamlessly replaced them.

Any time GoPro launches a new device it manages to create a sense of excitement and that is the case with its recently-launched Hero 6 Black. It boasts of an improved processor and packs in new features for better user experience. We used the device for quite some time and here is what we think of it.

Design and display
Hero 6 Black looks similar to its predecessor Hero 5 Black. In terms of the design aspect nothing much has changed and it looks quite identical to its sibling Hero 5 Black. The compact action camera comes with a rubberised body and a touch screen placed on the rear panel.

The front of the device houses a lens along with the GoPro logo and a small screen. The top and bottom corners in the front consist of the LED lights, which become s functional when you charge the camera. The right side has a flap which comprises of a USB Type C charging and mini HDMI port ports.

The bottom of the camera has another flap which stores the battery and microSD card. The power button is located on the left side of the camera and the rear consists of a touchscreen display which enables users to control the device. The top of the camera consists of the shutter button.

The best part of owning both Hero 5 Black and 6 Black is that you don't have to purchase new accessories with it. The accessories used for Hero 5 Black can work with the Hero 6 Black as well.

Talking about the display, the Hero 6 Black has a same 2-inch touchscreen display like the one found in Hero 5 Black. However, there are some differences between the two displays.

The screen on the Hero 6 Black offers more vivid and sharp colours. Along with this, the company has also improved the touch response with Hero 6 Black.

The camera quickly registers the touch and doesn't fail even once. Users just have to swipe on the display to access their photos, videos and also control the camera. In order to go to the media captured you just have to swipe left and to adjust the controls you have to swipe right.

The display works fine both indoors and outdoors and we also liked its touch response. In all GoPro Hero 6 Black offers the best of both — design and display.

The Hero 6 Black is powered by the company's own customised GP1 processor. The company claims that with the new processor the camera will be able to capture images with higher resolution as compared to its predecessor. The camera is capable of recording both JPEG and RAW format and can capture videos to the maximum 3840 x 2160 resolution. For still images, the camera offers 12MP of resolution.

The camera is capable of recording 4K videos at 60fps and users can also shoot in slow motion at 2.7K at 120fps and 240fps at 1080p. The device is waterproof and can work up to 30 feet of water. The device offers advanced video settings controls, video stabilisation, time-lapse recording and voice controls. This time the users can give voice commands like 'GoPro start recording' and the camera will start recording the video.

In terms of connectivity, the device offers Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS receiver. The company also claims that with new processor on broad the Wi-Fi has become three times faster. The action camera uses 5 GHz Wi-Fi to transfer all the captured videos and photos to your smartphone, which is three times faster.

Talking about the performance, the Hero 6 Black doesn't disappoint us in any way when it comes to the image quality or video recording. The Hero 6 Black gets dynamic colour reproduction and also enables you to take wider shots. Apart from the rich colours, the camera also offers in depth detailing to the images.

The Hero 6 Black comes with an improved zoom feature which allows you to capture faraway objects in good quality. Users just need to tap on the display and slider will appear on the right side of the screen. Using the slider you can adjust the zoom -- when we used this feature, the images turned out to be very smooth and clear.

The camera also impressed us in the video recording segment. The electronic image stabilisation and the improved HDR technology save the videos from any kind of noise and shakes.

The images captured both during day and night turned out to be pretty good and there was no noise visible. We personally loved the slow motion videos captured by the camera. The only problem we had we the device was in the voice command section. Many a times the camera doesn't recognise your voice.

The action camera comes equipped with Quik Stories integration. The app enables users to easily share the videos they have captured. Users also have ability to transfer the footage from the device to the app and then the app will automatically create a QuikStory videos for you. We tried this feature and it works pretty well. The QuikStory videos can also be shared on various social media platforms.

GoPro also offers different kinds of mounts with the camera and you can also use the one's you got with Hero 5 Black. However, the company also introduced a new mount called Shorty. This mount offers a good grip to the user and it can also turned into a tripod, if needed. Another interesting mount is the shortened aluminium screw, which enables you to quickly mount the device and take a perfect shot.

The GoPro Hero 6 Black is one of the best action cameras available in the market right now. It offers all the high-end specifications and you can also edit the content immediately from a smartphone using the QuikStories app of the company. The only issue is the price of the device. The Hero 6 Black comes with a price tag of Rs 45,000, which can be a concern for many. The company has kept the price on the higher side as it will ship directly to you from US. So, if you are willing to spend this much, the Hero 6 Black is an ideal option.