UN calls for urgent evacuation of 137 sick Syrian children

sick Syrian children

The United Nations children's agency says 137 children stranded in a rebel-held suburb near the Syrian capital require immediate medical evacuation amid a crippling siege in which five have died from a lack of medical care.

UNICEF says in a statement on Sunday that during a rare international aid convoy to a neighborhood in the besieged eastern Ghouta district at the end of November, its aid workers described one of the worst health and nutrition situations since the conflict began in 2011.

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French investigators question three in Lafarge Syria payments probe

French investigators question three in Lafarge Syria payments probe

 French investigators questioned three people on Wednesday as part of a judicial inquiry into the Syrian activities of cement and construction group LafargeHolcim , sources close to the matter said.

French prosecutors launched an investigation in June into Lafarge’s operations and its possible “financing of a terrorist enterprise”. At issue are allegations about payments that were made to banned groups.

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Trump talks Syria, North Korea with French president

Emmanuel Macron

President Trump spoke Monday with President Emmanuel Macron of France about dealing with war-torn Syria and the nuclear threat from North Korea, the White House said.

Mr. Trump and Mr. Macron agreed on the importance of the United Nations-based Geneva Process as the only legitimate forum for achieving a political solution in Syria, the White House said in a statement.

The more than six-year civil war in Syria, in which President Bashar Assad has ruthlessly crushed opponents of the regime, devastated the country and created the biggest refugee crisis since World War II.

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Syrian army take back Albu Kamal from Islamic State

Syrian army take back Albu Kamal from Islamic State

The Syrian army and its allies took complete control over Albu Kamal, Islamic State’s last significant town in Syria, a military news service run by Hezbollah said on Sunday.

The army had declared victory over Islamic State in Albu Kamal earlier this month but the jihadists then staged a counter-attack using sleeper cells hidden in the town.

Driving Islamic State from Albu Kamal means only a few villages along the Euphrates and patches of nearby desert, as well as isolated pockets in other parts of the country, remain in Syria of the caliphate it declared in 2014.

IS membersU.S.-led coalitionSyrian Democratic ForcesSyrian army take back Albu KamalIslamic StateSyrian Armycontrol over Albu KamalAlbu Kamal controlSyria

Russia blocks bid to briefly extend Syria chemical weapons inquiry

Russia blocks bid to briefly extend Syria chemical weapons inquiry

Russia vetoed on Friday a Japanese-drafted U.N. Security Council resolution to extend by one month an international inquiry into who is to blame for chemical weapons attacks in Syria, just a day after Moscow blocked a U.S. push to renew the investigation.

The mandate for the joint inquiry by the United Nations and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which was unanimously created by the 15-member Security Council in 2015, ends on Friday.

Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical WeaponsU.N. Security CouncilRussia blocks Japan's UN draftSyria chemical probe missionSyriaSyria chemical weapons attacks

At least 16 civilians killed in US-led raids in eastern Syria

At least 16 civilians killed in US-led raids in eastern Syria

Syria’s official news agency, SANA, reported that 10 civilians lost their lives when US-led military aircraft bombarded al-Duwaiji village in the Tal Shaer district of Dayr al-Zawr Province near the border with Iraq. 

An unspecified number of paramedics were also killed as they rushed to the area to save the lives of those buried under the debris of collapsed buildings. 

Separately, six people lost their lives when a residential area of al-Da’ij village in the Hasakah Province was hit by US-led fighter jets. 

US-led military aircraftUS-Led CoalitionUS-led raids in Tal ShaerUS-led raids in eastern SyriaSyria

Islamic State fully recaptures Albukamal east of Syria

Islamic State fully recaptures Albukamal east of Syria

The self-proclaimed Islamic State group (Daesh) has fully recaptured the border city of Albukamal (Abu Kamal), east of Syria, after fierce battles with the Syrian regime forces that retook the city last Thursday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Sunday.

The Syrian Observatory for human Rights revealed that the clashes are escalating in Albukamal, one of the most important strongholds for jihadists in Syria, while added that the Islamic State militants managed to recapture the area, late on Saturday.

Islamic State groupDaeshIslamic State recaptures AlbukamalIslamic StateSyria

Trump, Putin agree to no military solution in Syria

Trump, Putin agree to no military solution in Syria

The United States and Russia issued a presidential joint statement saying there was “no military solution” to the war in Syria, the Kremlin said on Saturday after their leaders met briefly on the sidelines of a regional summit in Vietnam. There had been mixed messages for days from both Moscow and the White House on whether president Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin would hold face-to-face discussions during the APEC summit in Danang.

No military solution in SyriaTrump-Putin agree to no military solutionSyriaKremlin

Syrian army take last IS stronghold in Syria

Syrian army take last IS stronghold in Syria

Syria’s army and its allies, led in the battle by Lebanon’s Hezbollah, have captured the last major Islamic State-held town in Syria, a commander in the military alliance supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said on Wednesday.

“The last stronghold of Daesh (Islamic State), Albu Kamal, is free of the Daesh organization,” the commander said.

The commander added that Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Forces also took part in the capture of Albu Kamal, located in Syria near the Iraqi border on the Euphrates river.

ISSyrian ArmyIslamic StateDaeshSyriaLebanon’s HezbollahHezbollahlast IS stronghold

Syria joins Paris climate pact, US now only country to refuse landmark treaty

Syria joins Paris climate pact

"We are going to join the Paris Agreement," the Syrian delegate, speaking in Arabic, said during a plenary session at the 196-nation talks, according to Safa Al Jayoussi of the IndyAct NGO, who was monitoring the session.

The United States ratified the 2015 pact but US President Donald Trump announced earlier this year that he would pull out, saying the pact did not serve US interests.

"It is our understanding that the government of Syria announced today their intent to join the Paris Agreement," Nick Nuttall, the spokesman for the UN climate body, told AFP.

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