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China Preparing For Potential Crisis With N Korea: Report


China is preparing for a potential crisis with North Korea by increasing its defences along their shared border, including establishing a new border brigade and building bunkers for civilians, the Wall Street Journal reported.

China has been strengthening its defences along the North Korean border since Pyongyang's first nuclear test in 2006, including building a fence along parts of the border and stepping up patrols.

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Chinese Jets Intercept United States Surveillance Plane: US Officials

US Navy

Two Chinese fighter jets intercepted a US Navy surveillance plane over the East China Sea at the weekend, with one jet coming within about 300 feet (91 meters) of the American aircraft, US officials said on Monday.

The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said initial reports showed one of the Chinese J-10 aircraft came close enough to the US EP-3 plane on Sunday to cause the American aircraft to change direction.

One of the officials said the Chinese jet was armed and that the interception happened 80 nautical miles (148 km) from the Chinese city of Qingdao.

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WH Says Open To Legislation Toughening Russia Sanctions

 White House

The White House said on Sunday it was open to legislation toughening sanctions on Russia as momentum increased in the U.S. Congress for stronger action against Moscow.

Two U.S. senators said they believe the legislation that allows for new sanctions against Russia would pass with enough votes to override a veto should U.S. President Donald Trump decide not to sign the bill.

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United States State Department To Clamp Ban On Travel To North Korea

North Korea

The U.S. government on Friday said it will bar Americans from travelling to North Korea due to the risk of "long-term detention" in the country, where a U.S. student was jailed while on a tour last year and later died.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has authorized a "Geographical Travel Restriction" on Americans to forbid them from entering North Korea, spokeswoman Heather Nauert said.

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United States Prepares New Sanctions On Chinese Firms Over North Korea Ties: Officials

Donald Trump & Xi

Frustrated that China has not done more to rein in North Korea, the Trump administration could impose new sanctions on small Chinese banks and other firms doing business with Pyongyang within weeks, two senior U.S. officials said.

The U.S. measures would initially hit Chinese entities considered "low-hanging fruit," including smaller financial institutions and "shell" companies linked to North Korea's nuclear and missile programs, said one of the officials, while declining to name the targets.

It would leave larger Chinese banks untouched for now, the official said.

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United States Bombers Challenge China In South China Sea Flyover

South China Sea

2 US bombers flew over the disputed South China Sea, the US Air Force said in a statement on Friday, asserting the right to treat the region as international territory, despite China's territorial claims in the busy waterway.

Before their flight on Thursday, the 2 B-1Bs trained with Japanese jet fighters in the neighbouring East China Sea, the first time the two forces have ever conducted night-time drills

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NKorea's Assassination Sheds Light On Chemical Weapons Arsenal

Kim Jong Un

In a case with a thousand plot twists, there has been but one constant in the murder investigation of Kim Jong Nam: Nothing is ever what it seems.

The victim himself - the playboy half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un - was traveling under false papers when he died and had to be identified using DNA. The two women accused of killing him turned out to be hired dupes, paid a few dollars to perform what they thought was a reality-TV stunt.

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President Donald Trump Warns Of 'Severe' Consequences For North Korea

President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump on Thursday stepped up efforts to blunt North Korea, warning that the rogue nation could face "some pretty severe" consequences over its latest missile test and huddling for more than an hour with the leaders of Japan and South Korea.

But even as Trump sought to use his proximity to world leaders ahead of the Group of 20 summit here to rally allies, the White House faced firm opposition from Russia and China over any retaliatory measures on Pyongyang.

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North Korea Conducts Rocket Engine Test

North Korea Conducts Rocket Engine Test

North Korea has carried out a new test of a rocket engine, US media reported on Thursday. The tested engine can be potentially used on intercontinental ballistic missiles.

While it's not immediately clear what the outcome of the test was, North Korea has long harbored ambitions to build and maintain a credible nuclear weapon arsenal for deterrence or to strike North America. 

The engine test is the first since March, when North Korea executed three such rocket tests, Fox News reported. 

The procedure was carried out in Yun Song.

Rocket Engine TestNorth Korea Conducts Rocket Engine TestNorth Korea

North Korea To Test Ballistic Missile Soon: Report

Kim Jong Un

North Korea will soon be ready to test-fire an intercontinental ballistic missile or ICBM, a state-run daily said today. Rodong Sinmun, the official daily of the Workers' Party of Korea, in an article said the latest series of weapons tests show that the country is not too far away from test-firing an ICBM, reports Efe news.

The article indicates that Pyongyang has made advances in its missile technology since North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said in his New Year's speech that the country was in the final stages of developing ICBM technology.

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