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Airstrikes kills 30 IS terrorists, destroys explosives workshop

Anbar Province Airstrikes,Airstrikes kills 30 IS terrorists,Destroys explosives workshop

The Ministry of Defense’s War Media Cell announced, on Sunday, that 30 members of the Islamic State group were killed, and an explosives workshop was destroyed by air strikes, west of Anbar Province.

The WMC said that Iraqi Air Force carried out air strikes, destroying a hideout that was used by the Islamic State foreign militants and killing 20 terrorists inside it, as well as destroying a workshop used for explosives’ manufacturing and killing 10 militants inside it, in Rawa District, west of Anbar.

Iraqi Air ForceIslamic StateAnbar Province AirstrikesAirstrikes kills 30 IS terroristsDestroys explosives workshop

Airstrike kills 3 elite Islamic State leaders in Tal Afar

Airstrike kills 3 elite Islamic State leaders

A local source in Nineveh Province informed that three elite leaders of the Islamic State were killed in an air strike that targeted their gathering in Tal Afar, west of Nineveh, Alsumaria News reported on Saturday.

The source said that three elite leaders of the Islamic State in Tal Afar, including Diwan al-Jund (Soldiers department) Official, were killed by an air strike that bombarded a hideout that was hosting their meeting in the outskirts of the city.

NinevehDiwan al-JundAirstrikekills 3 elite Islamic State leaderselite Islamic State leadersIslamic StateTal Afar

Iraqi forces free hundreds of civilians in Mosul Old City

Iraqi forces free hundreds of civilians in Mosul Old City

Iraqi forces opened exit routes for hundreds of civilians to flee the Old City of Mosul on Saturday as they battled to retake the ancient quarter from Islamic State militants mounting a last stand in what was the de facto capital of their “caliphate”.

U.S.-trained urban warfare units were channeling their onslaught along two perpendicular streets that converge in the heart of the Old City, aiming to isolate the jihadist insurgents in four pockets.

Iraq and SyriaSyriaMuslimsIslamic StateHundreds of civilians to fleeIraqi forces free hundreds of civiliansIraqi forcesMosul Old city

Iraqi jets kill fifteen Islamic State militants in Hawija

Airstrikes by the Iraqi jets,Iraqi jets kill fifteen Islamic State,Iraqi jets , Islamic State,Islamic State militants killed,

Fifteen Islamic State militants were killed on Wednesday in airstrikes by the Iraqi jets that targeted IS locations in Hawija and Tal Afar, the War Media Cell said.

In a statement, the Defense Ministry’s WMC said “Iraqi fighter jets launched several airstrikes that completely destroyed a booby-trapping workshop and missiles and killed three militants specialized in developing missiles in al-Abbassi district, in Hawija.”

Hawija, located 55 KM west of Kirkuk, has been held by IS since mid-2014.

ISISISIS locationsHawija and Tal AfarAirstrikes by the Iraqi jetsIraqi jets kill fifteen Islamic StateIraqi jetsIslamic StateIslamic State militants killed

Journalist killed, three French others wounded in a bomb blast in Mosul

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A journalist was killed on Monday, three French others were wounded as an IED exploded while they were covering the battles in Mosul’s Old City.

“The Journalist Bakhtiyar al-Haddad, who works for French media institutions, was killed as a bomb exploded while covers the battles ongoing to liberate the Old City,” a security source told Mawazin News.

“Three other French journalists were wounded as result of the blast,” the source, who preferred anonymity, added.

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13 civilians die in air and artillery strikes on Mosul’s Old City

13 civilians die in air and artillery strikes on Mosul’s Old City

Thirteen civilians were killed on Sunday as Iraqi troops bombarded Islamic State locations in western Mosul’s Old City, the militant group’s last holdout in Iraq’s second largest city, an activist was quoted saying.

Anadolu Agency quoted luqman Omar al-Tai saying that Iraqi forces bombarded IS locations in Ras al-Kour, Mashahda, Mayasa and Deka Baraka in the Old City, killing 13, who included three women, and wounding eight, including children.

Mosul’s Old City civiliansIS locationsAir and artillery strikes on Mosul’s Old CityAir and artillery strikesIslamic StateWestern Mosul’s Old City

Islamic State trained 1,600 Yazidi children on beheading

Islamic State trained 1,600 Yazidi children on beheading

A Kurdish official has said that Islamic State militants trained more than 1600 Yazidi children on killing, battling, committing suicide and beheading over the past three years, DPA reported.

Islamic State trained Yazidi childrenIslamic State militants trained more than 1600 Yazidi childrenIslamic StateYazidi children

Russia claims it killed two more Islamic State commanders in Syria

Abu Omar al-Beljiki and Abu Yassin al-Masri,Abu Omar al-Beljiki , Abu Yassin al-Masri,Islamic State,Islamic State commanders killed,Islamic State commanders ,Syria

The Russian defense ministry said on Saturday it had killed two Islamic State field commanders, named as Abu Omar al-Beljiki and Abu Yassin al-Masri, in air strikes near the eastern Syrian city of Deir al-Zor, Interfax news agency reported.

The statement came a day after Russia said it may have killed Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in an air strike last month. Washington said it could not corroborate Baghdadi's death and Western and Iraqi officials were skeptical.

Abu Omar al-Beljiki and Abu Yassin al-MasriAbu Omar al-BeljikiAbu Yassin al-MasriIslamic StateIslamic State commanders killedIslamic State commandersSyria

Iraqi forces capture crossing on Syria border from Islamic State

Iraqi forces capture crossing on Syria border, Islamic State ,Iraqi army and Sunni tribal fighters, Sunni tribal fighters,Iraqi forces capture Syria border

The Iraqi army and Sunni tribal fighters have dislodged Islamic State from the al-Waleed border crossing into Syria, an Iraqi military statement said on Saturday.

Aircraft from the U.S.-led coalition and the Iraqi air force took part in the operation, the statement said.

Al-Waleed is close to Tanf, a strategic Syrian highway border crossing with Iraq, where U.S. forces have assisted rebels trying to recapture territory from fleeing Islamic State fighters. U.S. forces have been based since last year at Tanf.

Iraqi forces capture crossing on Syria borderIslamic StateIraqi army and Sunni tribal fightersSunni tribal fightersIraqi forces capture Syria border

Thirteen IS militants killed as PMUs foil attack near Iraqi-Syrian borders

Thirteen IS militants killed as PMUs foil attack near Iraqi-Syrian borders

The paramilitary troops have confronted an attack by Islamic State militants using booby-trapped vehicles near Iraqi-Syrian borders.

Ahmed Radi Nasrullah, deputy commander of the 13th brigade of al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Units) said in statements that troops “foiled a sudden attack by the militants on Wednesday.”

“Infiltrating militants targeted our troops deployed on the Iraqi-Syrian borders,” Nasrullah said.

Popular Mobilization UnitsIslamic StateIslamic State militantsIraqi-Syrian bordersThirteen IS militants killed



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