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why Hugh Jackman turned down 'James Bond' role

Hugh Jackman,why Hugh Jackman turned down 'James Bond' role

Every actor in his or her lifetime wants to suit up and do action sequences like '007' James Bond. And then there is Hugh Jackman, who rejected the role of the special MI6 detective because of a reason that maybe taken as something 'unbelievable'.

According to an interview, Jackman rejected the role of James Bond because he felt the scripts had become 'unbelievable and craz'. The actor noted, "I was about to do 'X-Men 2' and a call came from my agent asking if I'd be interested in Bond.

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Hugh Jackman And Dafne Keen Had The Most Wolverine Reaction To Winning An MTV Movie Award

Hugh Jackman And Dafne Keen

Recently, we all said goodbye to Hugh Jackman in his iconic performance as Wolverine. However, fans aren't quite done with him yet. Last night he and his Logan co-star won an award for their performance and they said thank you in the best possible way. Hugh Jackman and Dafne Keen took home the MTV Movie and TV Award last night for Best Duo and as part of their acceptance speech, they gave fans one final look at the two of them in full berserker rage mode.

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Hugh Jackman rules out Wolverine/Deadpool movie

Hugh Jackman rules out Wolverine/Deadpool movie

Ryan Reynolds may be very excited to team up with Hugh Jackman for any Wolverine/Deadpool movie in the future, but the latter doesn’t think it will happen.

In Facebook Live Q&A Jackman, who appeared along with Logan director James Mangold and co-star Patrick Stewart, responded to fan’s question about Wolverine/Deadpool movie, reported Ace Showbiz.

The question was coming from France and read by Stewart. “Hugh, would you ever consider teaming up with Deadpool?”

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Hugh Jackman makes a surprising confession about playing Wolverine

Wolverine in the X-Men movies,Hugh Jackman, Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine in the X-Men movies

We can't imagine anyone else but Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine in the X-Men movies.

And that's why we were shocked by the Aussie actor's startling confession last night at the Producers Guild Awards—he admitted that the studio wasn't exactly thrilled with his acting when the first movie began shooting about 18 years ago.

Wolverine in the X-Men moviesHugh Jackman Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine in the X-Men movies

Hugh Jackman is back with 'Wolverine 3' for one last time

Hugh Jackman is back with 'Wolverine 3' for one last time

Back in early May, filming began on 20th Century Fox's Wolverine 3, which has been confirmed to be Hugh Jackman's last movie as the title character, which will also be R-rated. While there is still very little known about the actual story, a few set photos surfaced during the production, which started in New Orleans before moving to New Mexico. Now it seems filming has wrapped, with star Hugh Jackman posting a fond farewell to the state.

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